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Kos kooks: Padilla a “martyr”

I’ve made my feelings known on the Padilla issue from day one, and many of you have disagreed with me. That’s cool, since if friends can’t disagree among themselves from time to time, then the friendship’s not that authentic, now is it?

However, I think one thing we can all agree on regarding Padilla is that the S.O.B. is no “martyr”. Here’s what was posted at the Kos kooks site (I refuse to link there, so you can either take my word for it or go see for yourself):

As was the case during the witch trials of yesteryear,

Neocynic’s diary :: ::
only the socially unpopular, the mentally ill, and the politically dangerous end up at the end of a noose or in yet another bonfire of political vanity. (If this were true, Kos and his kook minions would have been rendered piñatas years ago! – Ed.)

From allegations of planning to plant a readioactive “dirty” bomb, to being convicted of having his prints on a piece of apparently “found” by the government. The rest was purely circumstatial.

The case against against Padilla hinged on one piece of papar: an application with his fingerprints. If this is enough to incarcerate and torture an American citizen, then America the Beautiful has truly fallen to fear, fascism, and intolerance.

This man was tortured to the point of being mentally incapable of mounting a proper defence. (Has any proof of this been brought forward? I didn’t think so, either. – Ed.)

What a travesty of justie (sic), what a farce of a trial. (The jurors thank you for the highest respect with which you give them. Jerk. – Ed.)

Everything points to a coming police state and woe unto all dissenters, both here and everywhere.

My beef with the handling of the Padilla case was that he is an American citizen and is afforded rights under our Constitution, and the administration stamped on those rights. However, he ultimately did get a trial, and he was judged to have been guilty as charged by a jury of his peers.

In other words, a homegrown terrorist is to be pitied (if not revered) by the Kos-tards as a “martyr”. If you have not yet done so, please feel free to go ahead and question their patriotism.

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Quote of the day

I wish Ace would include “Beverage Warnings” like I do! From Ace of Spades:

DU, DKos (The New Political Center of America) HuffPo, and sundry other jagoffs are well-nigh drenched in hot Che-Che tears over the conviction (of Padilla. – Ed.). They are brave enough to show their love for America by supporting its enemies who would kill Americans.

Those who love America show it by denigrating and beating the shit out of her at every opportunity. Call it the Ike Turner school of patriotism.

Ace, you b#stard, you owe me a new monitor, because I just sprayed this one with Diet Coke after reading that last line!

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Padilla convicted

José Padilla ws convicted yesterday, and I am delighted. Those of you who have been here for a while know my position on the whole Padilla affair: the government was just flat wrong to hold him for over three years without charging him with a crime.

He was not an “enemy combatant”, but an American citizen. Period. As an American citizen, he was denied his constitutional rights, under the guise of “Well, he’s not really an American citizen. He’s an ‘enemy combatant’.” That was crap. If all it takes is the federal government to call you an “enemy combatant” to jail you indefinitely, then I am truly frightened for the republic.

Before you think I’ve gone soft on terrorists, let me restate my sole objection: Padilla is an American citizen! He has the same rights as I do. I’ve said from the beginning that I think he’s guilty as sin, but he’s entitled to a jury trial. Well, he got one. They convicted him. Now I’m satisfied. I just hope this kind of flauting of the Constitution never happens again.

Having said all this, look how the MSM spins it:

The charges brought in civilian court in Miami, however, were a pale shadow of those initial [dirty bomb] claims in part because Padilla, 36, was interrogated about the plot when he was held as an enemy combatant for 3 1/2 years in military custody with no lawyer present and was not read his Miranda rights.

Run-on sentence aside (get an editor, people!), I’m guessing it escapes these bozos that even without being tried on or convicted of the dirty bomb plot, he’s virtually guaranteed to serve a life sentence (or close to it). Salon bellyaches that the dirty bomb plot was never proven, and that the “only thing” the feds proved was that Padilla conspired with Al Qaeda to kill people. Yeah, what a bummer that this was the only thing we proved, right?

By the way, Osama bin Lopez’ mom weighed in on her son’s conviction. BEVERAGE ALERT…PUT DOWN YOUR DRINK NOW! You have been warned!

After the decision was announced, Padilla’s mother, Estella Lebron, told CNN her son will appeal the verdict.

“I’m not surprised by anything in this place anymore,” she said. “This is a Republican city.”

The trial was held in…Miami! The GOP doesn’t have a majority of anything in Miami!

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Padilla trial finally starting

Those of you who have been here for two years or longer know how I feel about the José Padilla situation: I think the government sucks for what they’ve been doing to him. He’s an American citizen, and thus entitled to Constitutional rights that have been deprived of him from the beginning. My prior thoughts are here.

Anywho, his trial is now getting underway. From MyWay News:

The trial of suspected al-Qaida operative Jose Padilla opened Monday with federal prosecutors arguing the U.S. citizen and two co-defendants provided money, recruits and military equipment to Islamic extremists involved in violence worldwide for nearly a decade.

“The defendants were members of a secret organization, a terrorism support cell, based right here in South Florida,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Frazier told jurors in his opening statement. “The defendants took concrete steps to support and promote this violence.”

Padilla, a former Chicago gang member and Muslim convert, has been in federal custody since his May 2002 arrest at O’Hare International Airport. He was initially accused of plotting to detonate a radioactive “dirty bomb” in the United States and held for 3 1/2 years as an enemy combatant at a Navy brig, but those allegations are not part of the Miami indictment.

He was added to the Miami case in late 2005 amid a legal battle over the president’s wartime detention powers involving U.S. citizens. His lawyers had fought for years to get him before a federal judge.

I think he’s a scumsucking terrorist camelhumper who will be found guilty, but as as American citizen, he’s still entitled to a speedy trial. This administration has argued against that, and I find their position reprehensible.

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