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Weekend in review

Here’s the haps from the weekend:

My county now has a case of the swine flu at one of the local schools.  Friggin’ wonderful.

RIP Jack Kemp.

You know how I’ve been saying for the last five years that global “warming” nuts prefer to use the term “climate change” or other euphemisms when it’s cold and “global warming” when it’s hot?  The NYT confirms this calculated effort by the environuts.

Finally, the Obamedia does some deep investigative journalism of the president.  Excerpt:

Obamas take a walk, holding hands in the evening

WASHINGTON — The first couple took full advantage of the cool spring night.
After a date night out on Saturday evening, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama decided to take a stroll when their motorcade arrived back at the White House.

So they began walking on the driveway of the White House South Lawn while holding hands. First they passed the West Wing, then their children’s swing set. They kept walking, swinging their hands together. … 

The Obama administration threatened to use the power of the adoring “enchanted” press corps to destroy a Chrysler investment firm if it didn’t go along with Chavez’ Oprompter’s bankruptcy plan.  Chicago thuggery at its finest, no?  Paging Mr. Orwell!

Our ideologue president gets to pick a Supreme Court justice, since Souter is retiring.  The balance of the court isn’t changing, since Souter’s a leftist anyway.  But the odds-on favorite to be his replacement is a woman who says that “the courts are where policy is made“.  But hey, why would you go thinking she might be a leftist judicial activist or something?

Napolitano is at it again.  Yet another memo has emerged from her agency that describes a different breed of “extremists”: People who oppose giving drivers licenses, in-state tuition, medical benefits, or public schooling to criminal aliens.  That pretty much paints the vast majority of Americans as “extremists”, no?  Conspicuous by its absence from the list of “extremists”, however, is Muslim extremists.  “Jewish extremists” is on the list, though, although for the life of me, I can’t recall an act of domestic terrorism perpetrated by a Jewish extremist.

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News bytes

I’m busier than Ted Kennedy trying to avoid a Kopechne family reunion, so here are some quick topics of discussion:

  • The junk science panel and co-winner of Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize for their work of science fiction, the IPCC, is on the “hot seat”, so to speak.  It seems that their studies were fundamentally and fatally flawed, and they had ties to the since discredited “hockey stick” model inventor.  Would it be too early to say “I told you so”?
  • Members of the Cuban Olympic soccer team have defected to the U.S.  I’m still waiting for some pinko Castro apologist to show me where there is an exodus of people going from America into Cuba, since all I ever see is the opposite.
  • When she’s not falsely claiming credit for bringing peace to Ireland, she’s bragging about her role in creating the S-CHIP health program for kids.  Question: how exactly do you brag about the nothing you did?
  • That Senate earmark ban that got shot down yesterday?  McCain, Hilldawg, and Osamabama all voted for the ban on earmarks.  Kudos to them…well, except for Obama.  Sure, he voted for the earmark ban, but all that means is that he supported pork, before he didn’t.  Turns out that Barry O requested a $1 million earmark for the University of Chicago hospital…where his wife works!

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New Year’s news bytes

I have returned, so suffer, moonbats! Anywho, I’m busier than a tornado in a trailer park, so here are some news bytes with which to begin 2008:

  • Daytona Beach may be getting snow. Geez, I’m 90 minutes north, and I can’t get any of that stuff. Here’s wondering if Daytona is going to get any global “warming” love tonight and tomorrow.
  • Obama has more support from Yale students than does Her Highness, a Yale alum. Then again, college students don’t vote in large enough numbers, so read into that what you will.
  • Schmuckabee’s campaign manager say Mitt Romney has “teeth I want to knock out“, which I do suppose is worlds better than saying “he sure got a purty mouth, don’t he?” (cue Dueling Banjos). That doesn’t seem very Baptist minister-like, now does it?
  • Point to ponder: if 84% of Americans are satisfied with their own personal lives but are worried about other people’s sense of well being, why do polls show that people are worried about the direction of the country? If I’m doing well and so are nearly 9 in 10 of my countrymen, wouldn’t I be worried about nothing?
  • When he’s not busy blaming America for everything under the sun, including the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Bircheresque crank Ron Paul has a knack of separating fools from their money. has a puff piece about Captain Crazy’s fundraising prowess. Color me unimpressed that a dude who manages to raise $20 million can’t get over 7% in the polls. I guess currying favors with Troofers, anti-Semites, neo-Nazis, and other societal vermin can only get you so far.
  • That barking moonbat host of the rarely watched show Hardball has officially jumped across the chasm of reality, not quite clearing it and plummeting to the icy depths of the Insanity River below. Chris Matthews was getting a woody over Her Highness, calling Shrillary “the sweetest, sexiest woman on this side of the planet“. Note to self: get a one-way ticket to the other side of the planet.

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News bytes

I’m busier than Israeli bombers over a Syrian nuke plant today, so here’s some reading to tide you over:

  • Letting this guy crisscross the border 76 times with a scorching case of tuberculosis doesn’t give me warm fuzzies about the administration’s competency on this issue. But then again, I must be a bigot for not wanting him here infecting my countrymen.

  • It’s pretty difficult to have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy to dissuade gays from the military if you’re out there recruting them. Memo to the DOD: fire your marketing team.

  • Deposed former Senator Tom Dasshole from SD said after the feds took over airport security that “you don’t professionalize unless you federalize.” In light of the “professionalized” screeners missing 60% – 75% of fake bombs smuggled in by TSA agents, I’d like to go back to the cheaper (yet more reliable) amateur screeners, please.

  • A 70-year-old retired Army vet was constantly being burglarized while the cops did nothing, so he blasted and killed two intruders in a span of three weeks (memo to bad guys: steal and die). While the law backs up the vet, a biased reporter henpecked him to tears over the issue. Now she’s been suspended indefinitely. Karma’s a female dog, ain’t it?

  • This dude has some big Swedish meatballs! A Swedish artist facing death threats from Al Qaeda names new dog…are you sitting down?…Muhammed! Put that in your IED and smoke it, you jihadist camelhumpers!

  • More joys of socialized medicine. In the UK, a man gets to deliver his own baby since the NHS hospital turned his laboring wife away…twice. Yep, let’s bring that here, Hilldawg.

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  • News bytes, Labor Day weekend edition

    I don’t know if I’ll be blogging any this weekend, so if I don’t, here’s a News Bytes to last until Tuesday:

  • A Catholic school in Colorado saw a student chant “white power” and other students say that “All Mexicans should go back to Mexico!” Nice to see that they’ve learned a lot from their Christian education. (For those of you on the left, the prior sentence was sarcasm.) Being against illegal immigration is one thing, but being racist is a completely different (and unacceptable) animal. Their parents must be proud, huh? Morons!
  • While we’re piling on Colorado here, check this out. A Colorado government school has banned “tag” on its playground. Well, thank God (insert deity du jour here)! You child will never be “it” again, and that may be just the little bit of therapy that Little Johnny needs to get through his traumatic childhood. (See “sarcasm” disclaimer in previous bullet point).
  • Johnny Mac gets desperate: “Vote for me, because I was a POW. Look, here’s the video!”
  • In the Goreacle’s Church of the Earth Goddess, the priest is now offering confessionals for “eco-sinners.” Wonderful. Should they be expecting a visit from energy hogs (and hypocrites extraordinaire) John Edwards and Al Gore?
  • Economic ignorance abounds in Orlando. A gas station close to the airport charges $4.50 a gallon. Motorists cry foul (one even saying “this is a rip-off” and “corporate greed”), yet many fill up anyway. Here’s a suggestion: if you think $4.50 is too much for gas, then find another gas station! Every other station in O-Town charges about $1.90 less, so get to them already!
  • In Canuckistan, the Liberals there think a feces-hiding bird should be the symbol of their party. This one’s just way too easy!

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  • News bytes

    I’m swamped today, so here are a few reading assignments for your discussing pleasures (not “disgusting pleasures”…who do you think comments here, Barney Frank? LOL!):

  • Senators Lindsey Grahamnesty and Jim “Cambodian boy fellated” Webb dueled it out on “Meet the Press” regarding Iraq. Webb’s hypocrisy went unnoticed and unchallenged when he said the following to Graham: “This is one thing I really take objection to—may I speak?—is politicians who try to put their political views into the mouths of soldiers.” (1) Right, because you’ve never done that before, right, Webb? (2) At least Webb was talking about putting words in mouths instead of something else, right?
  • Headline: “State Department tells American citizens told to leave Gaza, West Bank, exercise caution“. Well heck, there goes that tropical retreat sabbatical I was planning for me and the rugrats to the balmy beaches of the West Bank! I guess Bermuda will have to do.
  • Awesome satire from the Onion, called “John Edwards Vows To End All Bad Things By 2011”. Excerpt: “In an effort to jump-start a presidential campaign that still has not broken into the top Democratic tier, former Sen. John Edwards made his most ambitious policy announcement yet at a campaign event in Iowa Monday: a promise to eliminate all unpleasant, disagreeable, or otherwise bad things from all aspects of American life by the end of his second year in office.”
  • Another liberal fishwrap contributor’s condescending view of the military: “Some have argued that without a draft, enlisting in this war is a matter of choice, so what happens, happens. But that’s not necessarily true in the case of National Guard troops who have been called up. And as for soldiers as young as my nephew, I don’t see enlistment as a well-informed choice but as a product of manipulation.” In other words, his nephew is an idiot? Thanks, Uncle Steve.
  • Rasmussen shows that Americans see liberal bias on TV news. You don’t say!

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  • News bytes

  • Stem cell treatment “to cure blindness in five years“? If only Silky Pony and Sen. Ketchup had been elected in ’04, the blind would already be seeing today!
  • Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw laments how CNN has tanked, but says that Fox News provides “commentary, personal analysis”. Says Shaw: “When anchors are reporting the news, they should report the news and allow the viewers at home to decide what they think about issues. I don’t want to hear an anchor’s personal opinion about anything. Just report the news.” I believe he is confusing FNC with his former employer, who has long used the liberal opining “anchors”, since WAY before FNC came onto the air.
  • William “Deep Freeze” Jefferson (D-LA) could be oustered from the House before his bribery trial begins. The Dems were gonna hold off until after his trial, since “innocent until proven guilty” would be a sensible approach. However, when the GOP threw the Duke Cunningham thing back in their faces (when the Dems wanted Cunningham out before the trial) and called them on their hypocrisy, they did what Dems do best: they surrendered. EXIT QUESTION: How long until Sharpton-Jackson begin the racebaiting?
  • Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) is bypassing amnesty and going straight to giving criminal aliens American citizenship. He referred to the massive number of criminal aliens as “12 million undocumented Americans” yesterday. As Bryan notes, “He already thinks of anyone who gets here by hook or by crook as an American, a citizen.”
  • Ace notes from the GOP prez debate:

    CNN supposedly picked “likely Republican voters” — both actual Republicans and right-leaning indepedents — to ask the candidates questions.

    Let’s see how scorchingly liberal the questions are.

    Off to a good start — a woman who lost her husband brother to the war wants to know how to get us out of Iraq.

    I’m so surprised CNN found this questioner!

    Why, you’d think liberals had some sort of premeditated strategy to put forward victims to push their policies or something!

    More! Environmentalism, prescription drug subsidies, and now, from the affiliate’s handpicked (liberal) blogger, a question as to whether or not to install a Canadian style single-payer national health care system!

    Wow! These “likely Republican voters” sure are reflecting my concerns and interests!

    Good thing we get the “unbiased” tactics from CNN, as opposed to how Fox News would have moderated it, right?

  • On sale now! Get 50% off of the price to pose in a photo with Jorgé W. Bush! Apparently, posing with the prez these days is also a job that “Americans won’t do”!

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  • News bytes

    Light blogging today, since I’m busier than Hillary Clinton with a paper shredder. Here are some topics du jour:

  • What do you do if the train is late yet again? Simple: you burn, loot, and riot. Sounds like Detroit, but it’s actually Buenos Aires.
  • May is National Ma$turbation Month (I thought every month qualified?), and San Franistan is having a wank-a-thon. I don’t know that I need to add anything else to that!
  • Euphemism of the day from Ace: To be clever and sensitive, welfare should be called “hazard pay for service in an economic warzone”!
  • During the GOP debate, nutbar conspiracy-theorist candidate Ron Paul apologized to our enemies for us bringing 9/11 on ourselves (mainly due to Clinton’s 1998 bombing of Iraq), a point with which Alan Colmes agrees. Link here (warning: vulgar language in the linked post). Rudy tears him a new one. Hilarity ensues.
  • Pelosi looks to change rule (in place since 1822) in order to shut down Republicans’ right to motion or recommit, breaking her 2006 promise to not do that. GOP threatens to shut down House if the lying wench tries it. Said wench ends up blinking, then retreating (kinda like they want to do in Iraq). All within about a three hour window. Now if that’s not a fast retreat, I don’t know what is.

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  • News bytes

    Light blogging day today, since I’m busier than Barney Frank on a Chippendale’s cruise ship (granted, I’m busier for completely different reasons than that!). So here are some news bytes with relevant links:

  • In a contest with the U.N. to see who can be even more useless, the European Union has decided that a continental concern is…dog breeds. Specifically, they want to ban certain breeds (including bulldogs, which used to signify British toughness), which is obviously a matter that commands international attention and action, right? As usual, with Euros, moonbattery ensues. (Speaking of Moonbattery, hat tip to Van Helsing for this one).
  • This would be a Night & Day post by itself. Texas Rainmaker notes the following when it comes to the NYT reporting on religion: “According to the New York Times, a Republican candidate who professes faith as a Christian is just like al-Qaida. But a Democrat candidate who professes faith as a Christian is tolerant, steadfast and moral.” Nope…no liberal media bias!
  • In a whitewash from Hell, the left-wing rag St. Pete Times has a “news story” (not op-ed) called “Clinton shows soft side to South”. She’s about as “soft” as a pumice-and-sandpaper suppository.
  • John Edwards does yoga with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. “Yo, yo, yo…Silky Pony! Exhale through the nose, be-yotch, or I’ll pop a cap in yo’ #ss!”

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  • News bytes

  • Pelosi to chinless Syrian dictator: “Israel wants peace talks!” Israel to Pelosi: “Not quite true…and you don’t speak for us!” Even the reliably left-leaning Washington comPost is piling on Pelosi. Humiliation ensues.
  • Polish it any way you like, but with the whole British hostage ordeal in Iran, Iran won and the UK lost. Iran came out smelling like roses, and the West came out looking weak.
  • Leftardosphere falls for April Fools prank. Karl Rove, you magnificent b@stard! As with Pe-loser, humiliation ensues.
  • Speaking of Pe-loco’s visit to Syria, Jimmy the Dhimmi Carter approved of it (which automatically means it’s a bad idea)…and launched into one of his typical anti-Israeli rants.
  • Al Qaeda wants the Dalai Lama dead, because he’s not Muslim. Well, hell, just tell Mr. Lama to get out of Iraq and he should be peachy…oh, wait, he’s not in Iraq. Somehow, I’m certain the moonbats can find a way to blame this on Bush.

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  • News bytes

  • Sirius Satellite Radio is planning on putting a TV service in 2008 automobiles. Thank goodness! It’s not nearly distracting enough to talk on a cell phone while driving, so let’s go ahead and watch TV while we’re driving, too.
  • Trying to bolster her anti-war credentials (which are shaky, considering she supported the war), Her Highness has procured the endorsement of George “One State” McGovern. What a feather in her cap, huh? Now if she can only work on other huge presidential election losers like Jimmy “the Dhimmi” Carter (6 states), Walter “One State” Mondale (hey, unlike Gore, he DID win his own state), Michael “Tank” Dukakis (6 states), she’ll be a lock for the Dems’ nominee.
  • Club Gitmo’s jihadis love Harry Potter. Personally, I thought being subjected to it would be considered torture, but apparently Mohammed is a big fan.
  • The Congressional Black Caucus is teaming with Fox News for two 2008 primary debates. The nutroots are getting their patchouli in a lather. To add insult to injury, the CBC explains their partnership with the scourge of the left because they are “committed to presenting the presidential candidates to the broadest audience possible.” Ouch.
  • Bush is a fan of the blogosphere. The MSM objects, and describes blogs thusly: “Most operate without editors and give instant reaction to the news. Their freewheeling, open nature makes them popular but also ripe for unverified statements.” The MSM is accusing blogs of “unverified statements”? Pots and kettles are coming to mind right now.
  • Imus accuses David Gregory of largely contributing to the downward spiral of NBC News. Gregory squirms. Hilarity ensues. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.
  • Did John McCain almost bolt the GOP before Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords did in 2001? Dems say yes. Johnny Mac says no. Read into it what you will.

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