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Olbermann kicked while he’s down, sales of Vaseline among conservatives skyrocket

I may have made up the second part of the headline above…but it’s not far-fetched!  Dude, where’s this woman (SE Cupp) been my whole life?  😆

Link to 2:00 video, which you MUST see, or you officially suck:

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Photoshop of the day

Courtesy of Moonbattery.

Note the singular term “viewer”! 😆

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Moonbats in mourning over Olbermann firing/abrupt resignation

Daily Caller has a bunch of hilarious tweets from the moonbatosphere.  This one’ s my favorite:

Heh.  😆

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Breaking: Olbermann OUT at MSNBC!

No, this is not satire.  It’s the real deal.  Virtually no one saw this coming.

Hot Air has a great chronology, and I’d post some of it here, but they keep updating the story as more info becomes available.

Wow.  Are both of his viewers gonna take this hard or what?  😆

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Olbermann donated maximum to three Dem campaigns, gets suspended


Moonbats, both of MSNBC’s viewers (pardon the redundancy) hardest hit.  Excerpt:

MSNBC president Phil Griffin released the following statement Friday following the news that Keith Olbermann had donated to three Democratic candidates this election cycle:

“I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay.”

Olberdouche wasn’t a Dan Rather (though he was easy to fool with fake stuff like Rather), or a Charles Gibson or one of those guys who at least pretend to be unbiased.  Olbermouth’s job wasn’t to be objective.  I don’t think that’s what MSNBC (Moonbats, Socialists, and Nut Bars’ Channel) hired him for was objectivity.  I’m kinda with Jonah Goldberg on this one:

So Olbermann gave money to some Democratic candidates. Ostensibly the rules against this are intended to prevent journalists from giving the appearance of bias. Whether or not such rules make sense for actual reporters, such rules are silly for someone like Olbermann. Does anybody, and I mean anybody, suddenly trust Olbermann’s opinion less because of this news? I’m waiting. Does anyone think he’s less biased? More biased? Un-biased?

That said, I’m loving the rich, chocolatey goodness of come-uppance that Blabbermann just received.  Savor the flavor, friends!  😆

UPDATE (11/8/2010 – 08:43 AM EST):  Well, that didn’t take long, did it?  Dude was off the air for two shows, not even a day per donation.  Time will tell if this little publicity stunt paid off for the scarcely watched network.

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Olbermann on the way out at MSNBC?

If this is true, both of his viewers will be just devastated.

Exit question:  Considering the dismal ratings of every other show on MSDNC, how badly must one suck to lose a show on that network?

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Olbermann: Hey, are the people of MA suddenly racist now?


OLBERMANN: The Republicans and the Tea Partiers will tell you what happens tonight with Scott Brown tonight, whether he wins or comes close, is a repudiation of Obama policies, and surely one of Obama’s policies from the viewpoint of his opponents is that it’s okay to have this sea change in American history, to have an African-American President. Is this vote to any degree just a euphemism the way state’s rights was in the 60s?

Well, sure.  I mean, a little over a year ago, the state gave B.O. a 26 point margin of victory.  So it only stands to reason that the state went all Robert Byrd and stuff…in the span of about 14 months, right?  For those of you on the left, the aforementioned sentences were examples of sarcasm.

If there’s any silver lining, both of Olbermann’s viewers were giddier than Nancy Pelosi at a “buy one, get one free” Botox sale.

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Olbermann and Matthews out as MSNBC “news anchors”

The good news:

MSNBC is removing Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as the anchors of live political events, bowing to growing criticism that they are too opinionated to be seen as neutral in the heat of the presidential campaign.

The bad news:

David Gregory, the NBC newsman and White House correspondent who also hosts a program on MSNBC, will take over during such events as this fall’s presidential and vice presidential debates and election night.

Oh, like Gregory is any less biased than Matthews and Blabberman!  I’ll say this about Gregory, though: his thrill in his leg is slightly less visible on TV than that of Matthews…but not by much.  Word has it that Matthews’ and Olberdouche’s audience was informed of the bad news, and both of their viewers took it badly.

Either way, it’s funny to see at least two moonbats removed from “news” coverage.  Two down, so many more to go.

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Olbermann bans leftist columnist from his little-watched MSNBC show

Seriously, how nuts does the hypersensitive Blathermann have to be in order to reflexively ban a a columnist who has routinely written some moonbattery-laced op-eds in the last five years or so?  From NRO:

According to Olbermann’s post on The Daily Kos (how perfectly appropriate), it seems Milbank notified Olbermann that after four years of appearing with him, Milbank accepted another television offer. Olbermann was apparently irate about a column by Milbank last week that created difficulty for Barack Obama, and therefore banned Milbank from his program. Olbermann alleges that Milbank took a comment by Obama out of context (readers can decide for themselves whether that is in fact a fair charge) and would not explain himself. And so Dana Milbank, who after four years of playing up to Olbermann deigned to write a single critical column on The Great Obama, was quickly censured. Such are the exacting journalistic standards of Olbermann, and, apparently, the network for which he works.

My sources say that both of Olbermann’s viewers are disappointed to see Milbank go.

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McClellan to back Obama?

Scotty Mac gets a paycheck from a Soros front group to publish a hit piece on his former boss and friend, and miracle of miracles, mother of all coinkidinks…he’s probably gonna vote for the Obamessiah!

This revelation was made on the little-watched MSNBC show with Keith Olbermann.  Yeah, the same Blabbermann who once called Scotty Mac’s behavior “treasonous” is now, as sheer unadulterated luck would have it, good buddies with McClellan.  Unless I had a fat payday waiting for me, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be fraternizing with a moonbat who called my behavior “treasonous”, but I’m kinda funny that way.

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Olbermann’s hypocrisy caught on film

You have to love the guys at Olbermann Watch, for (a) doubling Keith Olbermann’s viewership from one viewer to two; and (b) using the power of video to chronicle what a pathetic hypocritical moonbat Blabberman is.  From OW:

Tonight the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann attacked Rush Limbaugh for a supposed racial “insult”, dutifully parroted from one of Olby’s usual blue blog “news” sources (Think Propaganda). Krazy Keith was up in arms, making Limbaugh “worst person in the world” for his heinous, racist slur against a Hispanic office holder. Oralmann seems to have forgotten his own history, like when he called the Hispanic Attorney General a “house boy”. Unfortunately for Bathtub Boy, Olbermann Watch didn’t forget

You MUST check out the hilarious video montage there!

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Olbermann’s fuzzy geography

I refuse to watch Sunday Night Football on NBC for two main reasons: (1) they’ve got moonbat extraordinaire Keith Blabberman on there; and (2) I don’t want to be subjected to junk science like global “warming” when all I want to do is watch some football.

Well, how about a third reason not to watch it (or, more specifically, not to let your kids watch it): you’ll get a dose of poor education.  When talking about why it’s a bad idea for Denver (or anyone else) to punt to Bears return man Devin Hester, Olberbat decided to mock the mental acumen of the Denver Broncos thusly:

Do not kick it Hester. Do not kick it to Hester. Do they get the highlights west of the Rockies? 

There’s just one slight problem with Magellan’s directions here: Denver is east of the Rockies, not west.  One would think that before resorting to condescension, it would be a good idea to get one’s facts straight.  Then again, one would think…and it’s clear that Olberpuss doesn’t.

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Another Olbermann moonbat dropping

MSNBC’s little watched Keith Blabbermouth feels like Pat Tillman, the NFL player who retired so he could serve his country in Afghanistan, was whacked by Bu$hitler McRummyburton for…supporting Kerry? As Hot Air’s Allahpundit notes:

Would the president have had one of his own men murdered to prevent a meeting with Noam Chomsky? That’s a given in Olbyworld. But would he have sent the military to do it knowing that the revelation of this murderous order from on high by any of the co-conspirators along the chain of command would have meant his certain impeachment and possible/entirely justifiable trial for murder? But of course. To prevent a Pat Tillman/Waffles photo op? If Bush could pull off 9/11, how hard could something like this be?

Anything for ratings, I guess…which means efforts like this are failing, since he still has no ratings.

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Olbermann’s "chickenhawk" slur turned on him

Ace does a wonderful job of ripping the mind-numbed leftist myrmidons’ “chickenhawk” reflex, in light of that little-watched MSNBC moonbat’s recent rant:

Olbermann’s Theatre of the Absurd ends with his calling upon Bush to go to Baghdad and fight “his war” himself.

Again, the chickenhawk charge — one should be willing to fight wars one advocates, yes?

But the trouble is that part of Olbermann’s, and the entire left’s, schtick is that they’re really super-tough guys after all — not cheese-eating surrender monkeys — because, while they don’t want to fight Al Qaeda in Iraq, they’re just totally gung ho to fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and, now, Pakistan. In fact, the subtext very often seems to be that it’s just the stubborn President Bush who is preventing them from grabbing a rifle and hopping on the next plane to Waziristan.

Question for Mr. Olbermann:

When, Sir, can we expect word of your enlistment? To fight in what is, by your own admission — nay, bold proclamation — what is in fact your war?

Breaking the MSM embargo, Ralph Peters finally makes the point I’ve been making for years.

The intelligence report in question said, in essence, that, after the devastating blow we struck against al Qaeda in Afghanistan, the terrorists have regained some strength in their safe haven on Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier. It doesn’t say that al Qaeda is stronger than ever – although that’s what the Dems imply.

In 2001, al Qaeda had a country of its own. Today, it survives in isolated compounds. And guess which “veteran warrior” wants to go get them?

Sen. Barack Obama. Far too important to ever serve in the military himself, Obama thinks we should invade Pakistan.

Go for it, Big Guy. Of course, we’ll have to reintroduce the draft to find enough troops. And we’ll need to kill, at a minimum, a few hundred thousand tribesmen and their families. We’ll need to occupy the miserable place indefinitely.

Oh, and Pakistan’s a nuclear power already teetering on the edge of chaos.

Barack Obama, strategist and military expert. Who knew?

I don’t believe any Democrat actually wants to fight wars against Al Qaeda, or anyone else, anywhere at all. But they claim they do, they advocate for huge invasions of 100 million strong nuclear-armed countries, and of course they vote for any stray declaration of war that should reach their desks within 60 days of an election.

So if they are all gung-ho to finally “finish the job Bush wouldn’t” in Islamabad and Karachi, I trust they know we need more troops — and the army does in fact permit liberals to serve openly as such. There is no “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule about being a leftist jagoff, I can assure them all.


When’s the big sign-up day all you super badass warriors have planned? Is it a big surprise you’re waiting to spring on the rest of the country?

I trust they’re just waiting to receive and read the new Harry Potter book, and then they’ll be training to storm the beaches of Southern Pakistan presently.

No thinking required for Olby and his ilk.

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