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Photoshop of the day

Courtesy of Moonbattery.

Note the singular term “viewer”! 😆

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al-Reuters strikes again, doctoring photos in Gaza flotilla story

al-Reuters, the “one man’s ‘terrorist’ is another man’s freedom fighter” organization, has been guilty in the past of using “fauxtography”, aka “fauxtoshopping”, whereby they intentionally doctor a photo to advance their anti-Israeli agenda.

Well, they’ve done it again.  And you really need to go see the photos (original and doctored) to get an appreciation of how corrupt, biased, and unreliable al-Reuters is.  Cropping out terrorists’ knives, watermarking over an Israeli soldier’s blood, etc.

Media bias is one thing, but for the love of Pete, this is pure, unadulterated advocacy journalism of the worst kind!

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Photoshop of the day: Obama as Steve Urkel

Found on Al Gore’s invention somewhere.  😆

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Photoshop of the week

From Mock Barack:


Heh.  If only he had this handy, he wouldn’t have insulted special needs kids on Leno.

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Nobody believes “photoshop of Palin in bikini” pic…except for CNN

Quoth Allah:

We’ve now reached the point where gossip sites are forced to debunk rumors being circulated uncritically by the mainstream media.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Slow news day, so here’s a photoshop

This may be the only thing I post today, because (a) I’m busy and (b) it’s a slow news day.  So enjoy this, courtesy of Michelle Malkin:


Hillary Spears’ crack-up

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Spitzer or Nixon?

Both…and with a fly pimp hat to boot!  From Slublog via Ace:


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Photoshop of the day

Thanks to David Drake for this photoshop of your humble host. Behold, Dr. Jonathan Strangelove!

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