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Quote of the day, “George Soros isn’t THAT left wing” edition

Video clip here.

Andrea Mitchell, from a “legitimate” news organization garnering a seal of approval of Anita “Mao was da MAN!” Dunn and B.O., actually said that George Soros isn’t left-wing.  Funny, since when did an “objective” “news” interview start introducing opinion?  I mean, that’s what the thin-skinned commie-in-chief and his minions slammed Fox News for, right?

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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Obama: Funding Brazilian energy exploration needs subdizing; American energy exploration? Not so much.

Ed has the scoop here.  Long story short:

Obama campaigned in OH last year with promises to subsidize (via a loan guarantee) production of a nuclear power plant.  As with his other promises, this one had an expiration date.  No funding.

Instead, B.O. has decided to raid the treasury of $2 billion to subsidize Brazilian oil exploration by a Brazilian energy company that, as sheer luck would have it, billionaire moonbat and F.O.B. (Friend of Barack) George Soros has invested in.

I guess it would be intemperate, if not outright racist, to ask why a president who thinks oil usage contributes to the junk science fad called global “warming” would actually encourage oil exploration.  It would probably be similarly intemperate/racist to ask why he’s reneged on a campaign promise to OH and to an American zero-emission energy company in order to instead fund a project that could benefit his political billionaire buddy.

Hey, OH, I have a question for you, since you decided to vote for B.O. last year: How does his backside taste now?

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McClellan’s book tied to George Soros?

On a tip from KG, I searched for the connection between George Soros and the publishing of Scott McClellan’s new book.

Bingo.  Looks like Rove was on to something when he said that Scotty Mac sounded like a moonbat blogger.  I’m sure it’s just a big coinkidink, right?

Scotty Mac says he has a “higher loyalty”, and that is a “loyalty to the truth.”  It looks more like loyalty to Soros’ big bucks.

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