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Obama is anti-Wally…except when it comes to his own benefit

Between Silky Pony’s attempts to procure a Playstation 3 from the retail giant and this flap from the Barry O family, one has to wonder just how anti-Wal-Mart these idiots truly are. From the Telegraph:

As a fluent public speaker, independent-minded wife, devoted mother and professional woman, Michelle Obama has been hailed as an invaluable asset to her husband Barack’s mission to capture the Democratic 2008 presidential nomination.

Yet, while her style and performance are winning plaudits on the campaign trail, a little-reported business interest of Mrs Obama’s has opened her husband up to one of the criticisms that politicians fear most – the taint of hypocrisy.

Pfffffffff-bwahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, right…liberals lose a ton of sleep over being hypocrites! If you buy that, I’ve got some swampland here in fire-ravaged FL to sell you. Continuing:

She is taking a break from her main job, as a well-remunerated Chicago hospital executive, to campaign for her husband. But she has just been re-elected to the board of an Illinois food-processing company, a position she took up two years ago to gain experience of the private sector.

And the biggest customer for the pickles and peppers produced by Treehouse Foods is the retail giant Wal-Mart, the world’s largest corporation and the bête noire of American liberals, including Sen Obama, for its employment practices, most notably its refusal to recognise trade unions.

As the Illinois senator prepared to join the presidential fray late last year, he threw his weight behind the union-backed campaign against Wal-Mart. He declared that there was a “moral responsibility to stand up and fight” the company and “force them to examine their own corporate values”.

Because Wal-Mart’s desire to make money while saving peope money is soooo un-American. Continuing:

According to the couple’s tax returns, Mrs Obama earned $51,200 (£25,700) for her work as a non-executive director on Treehouse’s board last year, on top of the $271,618 salary she was paid as a vice-president of the University of Chicago Hospitals.

She also received 7,500 Treehouse stock options, worth a further $72,375, as she did the previous year, when she banked a $45,000 salary from the company.

Joe Novak, a Chicago political consultant who runs an anti-Obama website, said: “The Obamas would have us believe that, when it comes to money and ethics and compassion, he is a different kind of politician.

“What’s different here is that they actually seem to believe it. That’s the only way they can justify the contradictions between what they preach and what they practice. Defending Treehouse while attacking Wal-Mart is a blatant example of personal hypocrisy.”

Sen Obama’s campaign team and Mrs Obama’s spokesman did not respond to requests by The Sunday Telegraph for comment. But the senator previously told Crain’s Chicago Business magazine that, while his views on corporate reform and social justice remained the same regardless of what happens at Treehouse, “Michelle and I have to live in the world and pay taxes and pay for our kids and save for retirement”.

“I’m for the ‘little guy’, unless the peon gets in my way of making a buck.” You duplicitous, self-righteous, hypocritical b@stard! My friends, that’s the kind of hypocrisy that I truly loathe about the left and that I point out frequently about them: their “good enough for me, but not for thee” attitude. I have no tolerance for that pap, at all.

See, Barry O thinks that Wal-Mart is evil and is not good for America. However, he’s not above getting a nice little chunk of change off of them. What’s worse than that, though, is his self-serving justification that he needed the money to pay taxes, save for retirement, and raise his kids. Are we to assume that he’s the only one that has to do all of that, that no one else is doing it? He seems to imply that while other people’s reasons to earn money are tainted, his are pure and noble.

Sorry, Hussein, but that doesn’t fly with me, and it sure as hell won’t fly with normal America.

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John Edwards supports sweatshops

OK, not exactly, but close enough. From the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, via Neal Boortz:

Former Sen. John Edwards recently promoted his new book at the Manchester, N.H., Barnes & Noble, in front of the local Wal-Mart. Edwards campaigns against Wal-Mart, saying it pays its workers too little. The Barnes & Noble where Edwards will hawk his book pays $7 an hour to start. The Wal-Mart next door pays $7.50 an hour. Source: New Hampshire Union Leader

For those of you on the left, $7.50/hour is more than $7/hour. What sayeth thou, Breck Girl? Maybe he’s still torqued that Wal-Mart wouldn’t let him cut to the front of the campers to get his Playstation 3.

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"Breck Girl" says that Wal-Mart is evil…except for buying his PS/3

Right now, devout gamers across America are camping outside of Best Buys, Circuit Citys, and Wal-Marts to be one of the very first to scoop up the soon-to-be-released Sony Playstation 3. It’s touted to be the mother of all gaming systems, or at least until Nintendo or Sega can come out with something better next year.

Anywho, PS/3-mania can reach across all walks of life, including ambulance chasers who wanted to litigate their way to the presidency & vice-presidency. Yes, John Edwards (aka the “Breck Girl”) is sending his help to score him a new PS/3 from Sam Walton’s evil blue empire…Wal-Mart! From Mary Katharine Ham:

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – Nov. 16, 2006 – Just like the millions of Americans who turn to their neighborhood Wal-Mart for their holiday shopping needs, Wal-Mart announced today that former Sen. John Edwards is seeking to be one of the first to get a Sony PlayStation3, one of the most coveted holiday gift items this Christmas season.

Yesterday, a staff person for former Sen. Edwards contacted a Wal-Mart electronics manager in Raleigh, North Carolina to obtain a Sony PlayStation3 on behalf of the Senator’s family. Later that night, Sen. Edwards reportedly re-told a homespun story to participants of a United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union-sponsored call about how his son had chided a fellow student for purchasing shoes at Wal-Mart.

Don’t buy shoes, Little Johnny…get the PS/3 instead! You have any ideas what those things can command on eBay? By the way, Ham has pictures of Breck Girl at the anti-America’s Store union rallies.

Apparently, an intense gaming desire can overcome purported deeply held beliefs that one of America’s largest private employers (and shopping destination to roughly 68% of Americans, including those red-state “ham and eggers” that Edwards conned once (but not twice) into voting for him) is a corporofascist entity! Principle-schminciple…the man needs to get his game on!

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