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Glossary of terms at Crush Liberalism

Following is a brief glossary of terms found here on Crush Liberalism. Feel free to leave comments with suggested additions/edits.


Activist judge: A judge whose decisions are “extra-constitutional,” i.e. outside of the Constitution. An activist judge overturns and ignores traditional legal interpretations and crafts decisions to produce an outcome predetermined by their personal political beliefs…AKA “legislating from the bench.”

al-Reuters: Reuters. This name was given to them for their decidedly pro-Muslim slant and their refusal to use the word “terrorist”, since according to Reuters, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter



Bible thumper: A person who forcefully and obnoxiously attempts to persuade other people to believe in the Christian religion and the Bible, and who works hard to inject biblical precepts and scripture into public policy.

Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS): A condition pervasive among moonbats for which there is no known cure, although the symptoms could somewhat subside after Jan. 20, 2009, when President George W. Bush leaves office. Sufferers of BDS are identified by their pathological and irrational hatred of George W. Bush to the point where they actually wish ill against their country, perceiving that said ill can be blamed on Bush.


Chickendove: An anti-war protester who protests against “safe” protest targets (e.g. America), even if the “unsafe” target (Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, various dictators) is truly the one at fault.

Chickenhawk: A pejorative used in an illogical manner, proving the invoker’s intellectually vacuous nature. See the “Chickenhawk Slur

” for a perfect illustration of its absurdity.

CLOWNS: Acronym for Crush Liberalism Objective World News Service, the blog’s version of CNN…only more reliable than CNN. Any report from CLOWNS will be easily noticed (by anyone having more than two functioning brain cells) as satire.

Conservative: Someone to the right of the political spectrum. Because the political spectrum is indeed a “spectrum”, there are different flavors of conservatives. Many are thoughtful (but misguided), many are not thoughtful but think they are (i.e. the pro-amnesty for illegal aliens group), and many are wingnuts.


Dhimmi: Willingly submissive non-Muslims living in a Muslim atmosphere. Dhimmis are subjects of the Muslims and can be subjugated in any manner that the Muslims see fit.

Dhimmitude: A willingness to be a dhimmi in order to avoid conflict. Synonymous with “cowardice.”

DINO: Acronym for “Democrat In Name Only”, and refers to Democrats who seem to side with Republicans or conservatives more often than with Democrats.

Dowdify: to edit a quote so as to convey a different meaning from what was intended, using periods of ellipses, primarily to damage the subject being quoted. For example, the original quote reads “I wouldn’t say that my opponent is a racist”, and the dowdified quote is “…my opponent is a racist.”




Godwin’s Law: As a discussion thread grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one. Once this intentional (and, as it pertains to the comment thread, irrelevant and not germane) invocation occurs, that thread is over for the invoker and he/she has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress.

It is considered proper Netiquette to ignore, rather than reply to, the invoker. Corrolaries to Godwin’s Law include invoking the Taliban, Osama bin Laden, or other terrorists in a manner that is not germane to the topic at hand. Examples can be found here


“Good enough for me, but not for thee”: A mindset whereby a person (usually having liberal/leftist tendencies in his/her political views and policies) actually disregards said ideals in his/her daily life. These people are hypocritical, since they refuse to abide by the policies they think are great for everyone else…but not for themselves.






Lezbos: A combination of the words “Lebanese” (citizens of Lebanon) and “Hezbollah” (a terrorist organization that also has a political party in Lebanon’s government). “Lezbos” is usually used to demonstrate the bond between the two groups, a bond that leftist do-gooders tend to overlook, whether willfully or ignorantly.

Liberal: Someone to the left of the political spectrum. Because the political spectrum is indeed a “spectrum”, there are different flavors of liberals. Many are thoughtful (but misguided), many are not thoughtful but think they are (i.e. the leftists), and many are moonbats.

Limousine liberal: A wealthy liberal person who feigns a “deep concern” for the poor, but is not actually directly engaged with them on a day to day basis AND is actually insulated from the realities of daily life of the people about whom he/she pretends to care. Oftentimes, a “limo lib” pays lip service without actually spending any respectable amount of his/her own wealth to help “the poor.”


Moderate: A person who lacks a core political conviction enough to be more logically consistent. Such a person usually considers himself a “moderate” in order to confer credibility and respect upon himself that he thinks would otherwise be undue because of a perceived ideological predisposition. Moderates oftentimes reflect their lack of conviction by waiting to see how public opinion polls register on a given topic. NOTE: few people are 100% ideologically pure, and an occasional deviance does NOT make a person moderate.

Moonbat: Best defined by Wikipedia

. In short, a paranoid conspiracy theorist asshat of the left. Its antonym is wingnut.

MSM: acronym for Mainstream Media, which encompasses media sources that have been traditionally been the main source of news: daily newspapers, weekly magazines, broadcast news, cable news, etc.

“MSM” and “the left” may be used interchangeably. Other synonyms for MSM (I know, this is a glossary and not a thesaurus…bite me!) include but are not limited to LSM (Lamestream Media or Leftstream Media), Old Media, the Drive-By Media, and Dinosaur Media.


Neo-libertarian: Fuller explanation here. Short, condensed version:

When given a set of policy choices,

  • The choice that maximizes personal liberty is the best choice.
  • The policy choice that offers the least amount of necessary government intervention or regulation is the best choice.
  • The policy choice that provides rational, market-based incentives is the best choice.In foreign policy, neolibertartianism would be characterized by,
  • A policy of diplomacy that promotes consensual government and human rights and opposes dictatorship.
  • A policy of using US military force solely at the discretion of the US, but only in circumstances where American interests are directly affected.
  • New Media: The blogosphere, news-related web sites not readily available in print format, talk radio. New Media can reliably provide information not found in or covered by the MSM.


    Osamabama: A term found in the right-of-center vernacular to describe Barack Obama (D-IL). This term comes from a drunken stupor speech from Ted Kennedy (and with him, what other kind of speech is there?) whereby he repeatedly botched Obama’s name by calling him “Osama”. Source here



    Poverty pimp: A liberal who profits by acting as an “advocate” for his ethnic group or social class, without having no interest in remediating the perceived problems out of fear of undercutting his/her own preferred position in society.




    Race baiter: Someone who abuses charges of racism as political epithets in an attempt to stifle debate or to silence political opponents.

    RINO: Acronym for “Republican In Name Only”, and refers to Republicans who seem to side with Democrats or liberals more often than with Republicans.






    Uncle Tom: A pejorative used by liberals (usually by black liberals) to describe any black American who does not subscribe to the left’s ideology.

    Useful idiot: A term reported coined by Lenin that, initially, referred to those on the left who were seen as assisting the interests of Communism while in ignorance or denial of its full program. Presently, the term is being applied to leftists who are similarly blindly and ignorantly assisting the Islamic terrorism movement.




    Watermelon: An environmentalist whose primary motives are based more on socialism/communism, rather than on environmentalism, and who advocates environmentalist policies not for the purposes of benefitting the environment, but in order to harm the “evil” corporations and the “rich”. The term comes from being “Green on the outside but Red on the inside”.

    Wingnut: A right-wing extremist. Its antonym is moonbat.






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    8. Hi, great website. Thanks.

      If you exchange links, please let know.

      My political satire website is

      Matt Dunn

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