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Can we still call him the "first black president"?

Farrakhan on Nightline:

FARRAKHAN ON ‘NIGHTLINE’: Clinton ‘did less for black people than other presidents’
Thu Mar 08 2007 17:40:20 ET

Tonight on ABC News “Nightline,” Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan sits down with Martin Bashir to discuss his health, ’08 presidential politics, Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s views on Israel, and why he says he is not the same man he used to be.


Bashir: What about Mrs. Clinton?

Farrakhan: Not the young people. Mrs. Clinton is formidable, but Barack is even more.

Bashir: Hillary Clinton was, her husband, Bill Clinton, was described as a black president. What does that make her?

Farrakhan: Really, not much. Although black people looked at Bill Clinton as a black president, he did less for black people than other presidents. We lost the safety net, under his administration, for welfare mothers. We lost a lot. But his charisma, no one can take that away from Mr. Clinton. His ability to use language in many ways has attracted the hearts of black people. And the more the establishment beat up on him with his inappropriate behavior, the more black people understood his weakness, and forgave him, and came around him.

Oh, well. At least Calypso Louie didn’t call him a “white devil” or anything!

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