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Chris Christie lays the smackdown on Obama in Virginia campaign rally

I luv me sum Christie!  😆

“When he says that, it’s shows even more about his arrogance. See because what he’s saying is ‘It’s not my fault.’ See it’s not my responsibility, it’s not my fault. It’s George Bush’s fault. It’s Dick Cheney’s fault. It’s Big Oil’s fault. It’s the coal companies’ fault. It’s the gas companies’ fault. It’s the fault of the Republicans in Congress… For God’s sake it’s anybody’s fault but mine, that’s what he’s saying to us, he says ‘Please, just give me another four years, I’ll figure it out.’ You know Mr. President, I’m tired of waiting for you figure it out.”

Oh, there’s more…it’s only 3:55 long.  Do yourself a favor and watch it!

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NJ teachers union executive on why poor kids shouldn’t get vouchers: “Life’s not always fair”

Get over it, you poor b#stards!  From Joisey:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called Wednesday for a state teachers union chief to resign, after the union boss said in an interview that “life’s not always fair” while arguing against vouchers to send poor students to private schools. 

Christie, who has clashed repeatedly with the union over his education proposals, called the remark “outrageous” at a town hall meeting. 

The call from the governor was the latest fallout for New Jersey Education Association Executive Director Vincent Giordano, whose own salary tops $300,000.

Giordano made the comment on the local “New Jersey Capitol Report” program over the weekend. During the interview, he was challenged by the host on why low-income families should not have the same options as other families when their child is in a failing school. 

“Those parents should have exactly the same options and they do. We don’t say that you can’t take your kid out of the public school. We would argue not and we would say ‘let’s work more closely and more harmoniously,'” Giordano said. 

When told some families cannot afford to finance the shift to private school without government help, Giordano said: “Well, you know, life’s not always fair and I’m sorry about that.”

Now that he’s got his $300k+ in salary, screw the kids, right?

This isn’t about whether you think vouchers are a good idea or not.  This is about a highly paid leftist union tool telling poor families that he’d rather they suffer the indignities of a substandard education than have alternatives to the government schools to which they are zoned.  And of course, the predictable “throw more money at it” reply got regurgitated.

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Chris Christie to union cop: Hey, at least you have a job.

I’m not dumping on cops, since I’ve got friends and family who are or have been in that selfless profession.  Our society to would cease to function properly if there were no police.  That said, their unions aren’t particularly helpful, and NJ Gov. Christie points that out.  Story here (including video), but here’s my favorite exchange:

Policeman: “My salary went up 2%. And after the increase in my healthcare costs went in, do you know how much my check went up Sir? $4. How am I supposed to live on that?”

Gov. Christie: “Here’s the difference. You’re getting a paycheck. And there are 9% of the people in the state of NJ who are not.”

He also said : “It stinks, but it’s reality.  Other politicians made you promises they couldn’t keep. I’m the guy who has to be here when the party is over.”

He’s not nasty when he says this, either.  He’s just matter-of-fact about it.  Economic reality.

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FNC’s Cavuto rips Tingles over his “Chris Christie is fat” remark

References to leg tingles and hair dye?  Oh yes, my friends!

Well played, Neil.  Well played, indeed.

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NJ Gov. Chris Christie recalls conversation with teachers union head

My man-crush on the fat guy continues.  Enjoy!

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Chris Christie rips into another teachers union mouthpiece

My man-crush on the Round Mound of Smackdown grows bigger than his waistline!

Here’s the latest clip, embedded below.  It’s 9:30 long, so if that’s too long for you (what, you got ADHD or something?), watch the first 1:55 and the last couple of minutes for the juiciest parts.

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Pudgy MSNBC moonbat host mocks Gov. Christie for his weight

Ed Schultz isn’t exactly svelte himself, but he undoubtedly amused both of his viewers as he mocked NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s weight in an entire segment.  Considering that Christie pokes fun at himself when it comes to his weight, it’s safe to say that, like everything else Schultz and MSNBC tries, this falls flat, too.

Hey, Ed: Step away from the Krispie Kremes before you taunt someone over their weight, m’kay?  Besides, your boy Michael Moore might not find your diatribe very amusing.  Just sayin’.

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Gov. Christie rips teachers union in NJ

My man-crush is almost as big as the rotund man himself.  I tried embedding the video here, but WordPress isn’t cooperating.  So instead, do yourself a favor and check out the RCP link. You won’t be sorry!

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Chris Christie argues with government school teacher about pay; teacher a little “less than honest”

There is a great exchange between NJ Gov. Christie and an NEA teacher (Rita Wilson) regarding Gov. Christie’s education budget, the video of which can be seen here.  Here’s a snippet from the news story:

But borough teacher Rita Wilson, a Kearny resident, argued that if she were paid $3 an hour for the 30 children in her class, she’d be earning $83,000, and she makes nothing near that.

“You’re getting more than that if you include the cost of your benefits,” Christie interrupted.

When Wilson, who has a master’s degree, said she was not being compensated for her education and experience, Christie said:

“Well, you know then that you don’t have to do it.” Some in the audience applauded…

Your union said that is the greatest assault on public education in the history of the state,” Christie said. “That’s why the union has no credibility, stupid statements like that.”

Did I mention that I luvs me some Chris Christie?  😆

If I don’t like my career or job, I’m free to pursue one I do like.  We all are.

Teachers do what they do because of a love for the profession, a commitment to developing students, and various other reasons (the vast majority of them worthwhile).  They get into the profession knowing that they will likely never be well-compensated.  We can talk all day long whether they should be better paid, but that’s not the point at all.  The point is that they know they aren’t going to be rolling in the dough.

Unless, maybe, you’re Rita Wilson, the teacher complaining to Gov. Christie who says she “makes nothing near” $83k.  Really?  “Nothing near that”, huh?From Red State:

There’s just one problem. There is one Rita Wilson working for the Rutherford School District. Assuming the teacher confronting Governor Christie is the same lady, she has no freaking clue what she makes.

Public records from the school district show her making $86,000+.

So yes Governor, you should support this lady being paid $3.00 per child and save some money.

As Erick says in his post title, I sure hope she isn’t a math teacher.

Obviously, she was not talking about herself…which means she was misrepresenting herselfDick Blumenthal just called from CT to say he doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

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Crush Liberalism Radio on Sunday, May 16, at 10:00 pm

Phones open this week.  Feel free to call in.  This week’s main discussion will be the weenie who masquerades as our nation’s Attorney General, maybe Gov. Chris Christie of NJ, and more…Sunday night on Crush Liberalism radio!

See you there!

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NJ Gov. Christie destroys liberal reporter

Dude, I’m nearly orgasmic over watching this:

Normally, I’m opposed to human cloning, but in this case, I’m willing to make an exception! 😆

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NJ Governor Christie lays down the law on state liberals

When deep blue NJ elected Republican Chris Christie over incumbent Democrat (and BFF of B.O.) Jon Corzine, many wondered if he would stick to his conservative principles in cleaning up NJ’s bloated and overtaxing government.

Wonder no more.

…Budgets are serious business, but it’s been a long time since anyone in New Jersey has been serious about the budget. This year, gross mismanagement and accumulated fictions have left state taxpayers a $10.7 billion gap on a total state budget of $29.3 billion. Mr. Christie’s answer is simple: “a smaller government that lives within its means.”

However quaint that may sound, when you have to cut nearly $11 billion in state spending to get there, you are going to get a lot of yelling and screaming. Most comes from the New Jersey Education Association, hollering that “the children” will be hurt by Mr. Christie’s proposals for teachers to accept a one-year wage freeze and begin contributing something toward their health plans. What makes the battle interesting is the way Mr. Christie is throwing the old chestnuts back at his critics.

Here are a few examples, culled from his budget address, public meetings and radio appearances:

The children will be the ones to suffer from your education cuts. “The real question is, who’s for the kids, and who’s for their raises? This isn’t about the kids. Let’s dispense with that portion of the argument. Don’t let them tell you that ever again while they are reaching into your pockets.”

Your policies favor the rich. “We have the worst unemployment in the region and the highest taxes in America, and that’s no coincidence.”

Why not renew the ‘millionaire’s tax’? “The top 1% of taxpayers in New Jersey pay 40% of the income tax. In addition, we’ve got a situation where that tax applies to small businesses. I’m simply not going to put my foot on the back of the neck of small business while I want them to try to grow jobs by giving more revenue to New Jersey.”

Budget cuts are unfair. “The special interests have already begun to scream their favorite word—which, coincidentally, is my 9-year-old son’s favorite word when we are making him do something he knows is right but does not want to do—’unfair.’ . . . One state retiree, 49 years old, paid, over the course of his entire career, a total of $124,000 towards his retirement pension and health benefits. What will we pay him? $3.3 million in pension payments over his life, and nearly $500,000 for health care benefits—a total of $3.8 million on a $120,000 investment. Is that fair?”

State budget cuts only shift the pain to our towns. “[L]et’s remember this, in 2009 the private sector in New Jersey lost 121,000 jobs. In 2009, municipalities and school boards added 11,300 jobs. Now that’s just outrageous. And they’re going to have to start to lay some people off, not continue to hire at the pace they hired in 2009 in the middle of a recession.”

Isn’t your talk of ‘stopping the tax madness’ just another ‘Read My Lips’ promise? “[Mine is] much better than ‘Read my lips.’ I’m sorry, it’s just much better. Much stronger. . . . It’s gonna be how my governorship will rise or fall. I’m not signing a tax increase.”

In some ways, Mr. Christie can speak bluntly precisely because the state is such a mess. Indeed, that’s one reason he won election in a blue state. The challenge remains daunting: No governor has yet succeeded in turning around a state as overtaxed and overspent as New Jersey. Indiana under Gov. Mitch Daniels probably comes closest, but Indiana was not nearly as bad as New Jersey.

If he is to survive the headlines about budget cuts and pull New Jersey back to prosperity, Mr. Christie knows he needs to put the hard choices before the state’s citizens, and to speak to them as adults. He’s doing just that. One reporter for the Newark Star-Ledger summed up Mr. Christie’s rhetoric this way: “[F]inally we have a governor who is as teed off as the rest of us at how government spending and taxes have skyrocketed over the past decade.”

It’s far too early to declare Mr. Christie’s Jersey-style Reaganism a success. But it’s the one reality show truly worth watching.

I abso-freakin’-lutely love it!  He takes leftist talking points, and blasts each one individually.  Even throws in a little snark with analogies to a petulant 9-yr-old.  I luvs me some snark!  😆

More from the governor:

When I went into the treasurer’s off in the first two weeks of my term, there was no happy meetings. They presented me with 378 possible freezes and lapses to be able to balance the budget. I accepted 375 of them.

There is a great deal of discussion about me doing that by executive action. Every day that went by was a day where money was going out the door such that the $6 billion pool was getting less and less. So something needed to be done.

People did not send me here to talk, the people sent me here to do. So we took the executive action we did to stop the bleeding.

You know, at some point there has to be parity. There has to be parity between what is happening in the real world, and what is happening in the public sector world. The money does not grow on trees outside this building or outside your municipal building. It comes from the hard working people of our communities who are suffering and are hurting right now.

Oblamer could take notes here.  While OblameOthers and his ilk bellyache about how they inherited a messed-up economy, Christie did inherit a Dem-caused economic disaster in Joisy…yet he’s decided that taking action is better than blameshifting.  What a novel concept, huh?

He’s fighting with the state teachers union, which makes me like him even more.  He’s being honest with the citizens of NJ.  In short: Gov. Christie is da man!

Chris Matthews just called to ask how my leg is doing.

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