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Bain Capital contributed more money in last six years to Democrats

I look forward to the spin from the left and the MSM (pardon the redundancy) over this.

Democrats have accepted more political donations than Republicans from executives at Bain Capital, complicating the left’s plan to attack Mitt Romney for his record at the private equity firm.

The sums collected by Democrats from managing partners and other senior executives at Bain could hamper the Democratic message that Romney is a corporate raider who does not care about workers, charges based on his record as CEO of Bain.

Democrats could be forced to justify attacking Bain — which specializes in buying companies and boosting profitability, often by laying off workers — while accepting campaign funds from the same executives who made the cost-cutting decisions.

“They’re going to have a difficult time explaining why they’re padding their war chest with contributions from the same executives that they’re accusing of hurting jobs,” said Brian Walsh, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Right.  Because Democrats are loathe to be shameless hypocrites, right?

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Reid exhibits signs of projection when it comes to Wall Street

Here’s what the soon-to-be-former-Senator from NV said yesterday:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today accused Republicans of “making love to Wall Street” because they initially would not go along with plans to proceed with amendments to a massive financial regulatory reform bill.

Republicans, huh?  Wall Street gave $10.6 million to Senators last year, $7.7 million of which went to Democrats.  Goldman Sachs met with Da Prez four times and donated nearly a million bucks to his 2008 campaign (not to be confused with campaign he’s been on ever since).

So yeah, Republicans are the ones in bed with Wall Street.

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