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Memphis moonbat in Congress displays that new “civility” thingy Obama was talking about

Yeah, I’m thinking that maybe this isn’t what B.O. had in mind:

In an extraordinary outburst on the House floor, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) invoked the Holocaust to attack Republicans on health care and compared rhetoric on the issue to the work of infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

“They say it’s a government takeover of health care, a big lie just like Goebbels,” Cohen said. “You say it enough, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, and eventually, people believe it.  Like blood libel.  That’s the same kind of thing. And Congressman Cohen didn’t stop there.

“The Germans said enough about the Jews and people believed it–believed it and you have the Holocaust.  We heard on this floor, government takeover of health care.  Politifact said the biggest lie of 2010 was a government takeover of health care because there is no government takeover,” Cohen said.

Don’t get me wrong, folks.  I think this “new tone” and “civility” is a load of crap.  These vermin spent the last 10 years making Bush to resemble Rosemary’s Baby, and the last two years ramming socialist and statist garbage down our throats.  So as far as I’m concerned, they can peddle their “OK, NOW we want to be civil” garbage somewhere else.

That said, this is another example (and the examples are legion) of Dems saying one thing and acting in a contrary manner.

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Race-baiting former Memphis mayor Willie Herenton suffers indignity of losing to white guy in black Memphis district

I got downright giddy typing that headline.  Sugar rush, I tell ya.  Wait…sugar is white, isn’t it?  I must be a racist.

Oh, yeah, the story:

Elsewhere in Tennessee primary results Thursday, Rep. Steve Cohen easily dispatched with former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton in the 9th district Democratic race. Cohen had 79 percent of the vote to 21 percent for Herenton, with 78 percent of precincts reporting.

Cohen, who is white, first won the majority-black Memphis-based district in 2006 and race has been the focus of his two primaries since then. After handily defeating attorney Nikki Tinker in the 2008 contest, this cycle Cohen got the endorsement of President Barack Obama and support from the Congressional Black Caucus (which saw some of its members aid Tinker in 2008).

For those of you who don’t know Herenton’s history, here’s the condensed version:

Willie Herenton (a black man) used to be superintendent of Memphis’ abysmal city school system.  He “resigned” for sexually harrassing a subordinate.  His revenge was to run for mayor of Memphis, a predominantly black city, and won a narrow race (146 votes) in 1991.  His 17-year reign of incompetence and shame ended when he resigned in 2008.  During his reign, the city’s crime, poverty, illegitimacy, and welfare dependency rates skyrocketed, while its school system and academic achievement levels rapidly deteriorated.  Herenton was not well-liked at all, even by the black community.  So how did he keep getting re-elected?  Simple: Vote for me, because my opponent is a cracka.  Worked every time.  Until now.

Congressman Steve Cohen (a white man) represents a racially gerrymandered district in Memphis.  He has now survived two consecutive primaries, both of which saw his black opponents run a campaign of “Why you votin’ for a cracka Jewboy?  Vote for me, ‘cuz my skin is darker!”  Amazingly, Cohen withstood both attacks, and by impressive margins.

Don’t get me wrong: Cohen is a horrible man, a barking moonbat of the highest order.  I take no pleasure in the knowledge that he is an elected official.  But you must indulge me as I take heaping, copious amounts of pleasure in seeing Herenton go down faster than Monica Lewinsky in her presidential kneepads!

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Memphis falls to Kansas

If you’re a Memphis fan, that ws a heartbreaking defeat.  With a championship within their grasp, Memphis p#ssed away a seven point lead in about 90 seconds.  Mr. Clutch Derrick Rose shot two free throws with 10 seconds, and had he hit both, Memphis would be the champions.  But if worms had shotguns, birds wouldn’t screw with them.

The Tigers reverted to regular season form, sucking from the charity stripe.  By contrast, Kansas hit about 92% of their free throws.  I’ve got no disrespect for Kansas, as they did everything they were supposed to do in order to win.  So congrats to them.  They earned it.

If Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas-Roberts return next season (both are likely NBA-bound), then the addition of a big man to replace Joey Dorsey can prepare the Tigers for another title run.  Otherwise, it’s rebuilding/reloading time.

Painful night for Tigers fans.  Oh well…c’est la vie.

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Go Memphis Tigers!

Props go to my hometown boys from Memphis!  The Tigers finally figured out how to shoot free throws, and they scorched the Texas Longhorns 85-67 to reach the Final Four for the first time in 23 years!

I’m not piling on Texas, since I actually had them in my brackets winning this game.  Texas has an outstanding team, and they’ve no reason to hang their heads.  Hats off to the Longhorns for a great tournament appearance.

Next up…UCLA.  They’re looking real good, too, especially to the referees who keep bailing them out (see CalStanford, and Texas A&M).  Ought to be a good game.

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Memphis trannies raise hell at Mickey D’s

Not one of the more flattering national headlines from my hometown.  From Dan Riehl:

Three cross dressing Black males have been arrested after an assault on the staff of a Memphis McDonald’s. According to reports, after not getting a clerk’s attention by tapping on a drive up window, the men took off their earrings and high heels, picked up a tire iron and went inside to confront the employees.


Three cross-dressing customers who attacked a McDonald’s staff late Sunday evening have been, um, dragged off to jail after police captured them yesterday afternoon. (If you somehow managed to miss this Memphis moment, get the details here.)

Dacorian Greer, Danny Mitchell, and Lynn Gillespie, all in their late 20s, were charged with assault and damage of property over $500 after their unladylike behavior, which included smashing the drive-thru window and peeling off accessories to better teach the workers a lesson in customer service.

As any good cross-dressers would, the three began to kick off stiletto boots (to better keep their balance while swinging), remove hoop earrings (no danger of having them yanked out), and take off their jackets (less restriction of movement) in order to deliver a McWhoopin’ on the staff.

Next time, get the queens their Big Macs post haste!  “Two snaps up in a circle!”

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