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MSNBC edits quote to make Zimmerman look racist

By now, all of you know about the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL, by Hispanic George Zimmerman.  Well, the “Lean Forward” network, MSNBC, offered up a news story with a Dowdified quote.  Via Big Journalism:

“This guy looks like he’s up to no good … he looks black,” Zimmerman told a police dispatcher from his car. His father has said that Zimmerman is Hispanic, grew up in a multiracial family, and is not racist.

(Sidebar: quick explanation of “dowdified” here).

So, it’s clear that Zimmerman equates “suspicious” with “black”, right?  Um…not exactly:

ZIMMERMAN: This guy looks like he’s up to no good, [begin ellipsis] or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

911 DISPATCHER: Okay, is this guy, is he white, black, or Hispanic? [end ellipsis]

ZIMMERMAN: He looks black.

For the record, I think I’ll let the law enforcement folks do their job before I jump to conclusions the way that the majority of black America seems to have done.  But this is an example of rotten, corrupt, agenda-driven journalism and I think MSDNC ought to apologize to both of its viewers.

Nope…no liberal media bias!

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ObamaCare attorneys shredded before the Supreme Court, liberals stunned to think that ObamaCare might ACTUALLY be unconstitutional

Tingles was aghast.

Everyone on both sides of the aisle agree that the ObamaCare lawyers were taken to the woodshed this week while presenting their arguments in favor of ObamaCare, specifically the individual mandate.  However, John Podhoretz sums up the shock nicely while illustrating the basis of said shock:

The panicked reception in the mainstream media of the three-day Supreme Court health-care marathon is a delightful reminder of the nearly impenetrable parochialism of American liberals.

They’re so convinced of their own correctness — and so determined to believe conservatives are either a) corrupt, b) stupid or c) deluded — that they find themselves repeatedly astonished to discover conservatives are in fact capable of a) advancing and defending their own powerful arguments, b) effectively countering weak liberal arguments and c) exposing the soft underbelly of liberal self-satisfaction as they do so.

That’s what happened this week. There appears to be no question in the mind of anyone who read the transcripts or listened to the oral arguments that the conservative lawyers and justices made mincemeat out of the Obama administration’s advocates and the liberal members of the court.

This came as a startling shock to the liberals who write about the court. 

There’s no telling which of 10 possible ways the high court will finally rule. But one thing is for certain: There will again come a time when liberals and conservatives disagree on a fundamental intellectual matter. Conservatives will take liberals and their arguments seriously and try to find the best way to argue the other side.

And the liberals will put their fingers in their ears and sing, “La la la.”

Ace sums Podhoretz’ argument with a hilarious zinger:

They were surprised by these arguments. Podhoretz says They should not have been surprised.

No one was hiding these arguments. They have been readily-available in court records for two years.

Nor was anyone hiding the two courts’ decisions agreeing with these arguments.

Liberals just chose to ignore relevant information about the world they live in, and then call themselves sophisticated for having chosen to be stupider than God made them.

Exactly.  Podhoretz goes on to give a list of examples of liberals who were previously convinced beyond words that the law would stand up in court, but now aren’t so sure. 

But it’s like I’ve always, always said about liberals: They don’t think…they feel.  And feelings rule the day with them.  We can’t govern this nation on feelings, people.

Exit question: Does anyone believe the SCOTUS will do anything other than rule against ObamaCare 5-4?  You know the four liberals will support it, the four conservatives will support the Constitution, and then it all depends on if Kennedy wakes up on the left side of the bed or the constitutional side of the bed that morning.

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Hiatus over

After a well-earned Caribbean vacation, and an immediate business trip thereafter (hey, those welfare brood mares don’t feed themselves and their babydaddy spawn, so I gotta), I’m finally back.  I’m ready to resume my political incorrectness, ghastly and offensive analogies, and other desireable activities for which you’ve come to know and love me.  😆

Now…let’s get this show on the road!  🙂

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Bahamian vacation

No, I’m not talking about Chairman Zero needing another break after a grueling two weeks back at work.  I’m talking about me. 

These last two weeks at the office have been more chaotic than a blind lesbian at a seafood market.  And after subsidizing a Detroit welfare brood mare’s chosen lifestyle of lethargy and her plethora of babydaddies, I need a break.

So, I’m off to the Bahamas.  Being a one-percenter friggin’ RULES, baby!  😆

I’ll be back next week.  If your phone DOESN’T ring…it’s me!  🙂

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Obama and the UK want to release oil from their strategic oil reserves

What, the algae isn’t coming along as swimmingly as The One thought it would?  Anywho, details:

President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron discussed the possibility of releasing emergency oil reserves during a meeting on Wednesday, two sources familiar with the talks said, the first sign that Obama is starting to test global support for an effort to knock back near-record fuel prices. Obama raised the issue during a broad bilateral meeting at the White House, according to a UK official with knowledge of the discussion. 

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is intended to buffer against supply problems in the case of a national emergency.  In this case, we’ve identified what the “national emergency” really is, via NRO:

The “emergency” would seem to be Obama’s poll numbers. Then again, this seems to be a Democratic candidate tradition; Al Gore called for the same move while running for president in 2000.

Oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been sold five times in its history: Most recently in 2011 during the conflict in Libya; in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina; a sale of  $227 million worth of oil during fiscal year 1996 to reduce the federal budget deficit; in 1990-1991 during Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and a small “test sale” in 1985.

I’m confused, though.  Chairman Zero has been telling us that there’s nothing a president can do to affect oil prices.  Then why bother doing this, if that’s true?  Unless, of course, it’s not policy-based, but #ss-saving-based.

Exit question: If drilling is, as B.O. and his minions absurdly insist, a “faulty short-term solution”, then just what the h3ll is releasing drops from the oil reserve?

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Another “don’t despair or listen to the MSM about November” column

Excellent column, an excerpt of which is here:

We do know a few things. Obama won in 2008 with 53 percent of the vote during a perfect Democratic storm — an inspiring, blank-slate candidate, against a relatively weak Republican opponent, in a discontented, war-weary nation. Conditions for Obama in 2012 are likely to be less favorable.

As I count it, Obama’s job approval rating, as measured by Gallup, is 45 percent or lower in 12 battleground states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. These are the political conditions at the worst moments of intra-Republican bloodletting. If this is the bottom of GOP political fortunes, it is not very low.

The strategy of a Republican presidential candidate is straightforward. While keeping the states carried by the GOP in 2008, he must win back Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina — none a particularly heavy lift. He must take Ohio and Florida. Then he needs only to win one more state.

Another column refers to Romney as the new Bob Dole.  That’s not entirely accurate or fair.  For one thing, the economy was doing well in 1996.  For another, Bill Clinton had regained his popularity, thanks to Newt and the government shutdown.  Despite his personal approval ratings, Americans believe that Chairman Zero’s first term has been a failure of Carterlike proportions, and the economy is NOT doing well by any measure (real or manufactured).

I think back to the Senate race here in FL in 2010.  When it was clear that Charlie Crist was going to get smoked by Marco Rubio in the Senate GOP primary, Crist bolted and ran as an independent.  He led in all polls, sometimes by double digits, well into the late summer.  Pundits wondered if he could do it, though a number of them said “The numbers are bad for Crist, so his lead in the polls will not hold.”  Crist got crushed in the general election.

In other words…just wait and see.  This isn’t 1996.  This isn’t 2010.  Despite what the Cheerleader Media is telling you, B.O. is in massive trouble.  And he knows it.

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Delicious irony of the day, “Warren Buffett’s taxes” edition

You think maybe billionaire Warren Buffett, the guy whose team of accountants are hired to minimize his tax liability while he complains about not paying enough taxes, might want to pay his own friggin’ taxes before he opens his cakehole about everyone else paying their “far share”?


NetJets Inc., the private-plane company owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A), was countersued by the U.S. over $366 million in taxes and penalties.

NetJets in November sued the U.S., saying the federal government had wrongly imposed taxes, interest and penalties totaling more than $642.7 million.

Claiming the federal Internal Revenue Service wrongfully assessed a so-called ticket tax — an excise tax on payments made in exchange for air transportation — to private aircraft owners maintaining their own planes, the Columbus, Ohio-based company demanded refunds and abatements.

The federal government, in a revised answer and countersuit filed yesterday in federal court in Columbus, rejected NetJets’claims and alleged that four of the company’s units owe unpaid taxes and penalties.


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Newt spanks David Gregory over MSM’s obsession with Rush – contraception thingy

Dang it, why does this guy have to have so much baggage?

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Conventional wisdom that Obama can’t lose to fractured GOP has been proven wrong before

A very reassuring column by William McGurn at WSJ.  You MUST read it if you have anxiety that the GOP is going to blow a sure thing this November.


Not since Herbert Hoover has a party out of power had such an opportunity to run against everything that troubles the American family—prices, interest rates, unemployment, taxes, or the fear for the future of their old age or the future of their children—than is now presented to the Republican Party.

The Republicans, however, haven’t figured this out. This is their basic problem. They have no strategy for defeating an Obama administration that is highly vulnerable on both domestic and foreign policy.

That’s the conventional wisdom in a nutshell, isn’t it?

It will come as no surprise that these words appeared in a Feb. 29 column in the New York Times. They are reproduced here exactly as written, save for one small adjustment.

The president whose failings they describe is Jimmy Carter, not Barack Obama. The lines were written in 1980, not 2012. The author was the then-dean of conventional wisdom, James “Scotty” Reston. The headline was “Jimmy Carter’s Luck,” a reference to Reagan’s victory in the New Hampshire primary three days earlier.

It appears the conventional wisdom hasn’t changed much. Today’s narrative holds that however weak President Obama’s hand, Republicans find themselves in no position to capitalize on it. A glance back to where we were at this exact point in the 1980 primaries suggests otherwise.

It then goes on to recount the history of the 1980 primary.  Seriously, you NEED to read it!

Granted, it goes without saying that Mit Romney and Rick Santorum are NO Ronald Reagan.  But as McGurn points out, at this stage of the election of 1980, Ronald Reagan was no Ronald Reagan.  While the parallels can only be examined so much, the point is that conventional wisdom was WAY off at a time that the country was hungry to get rid of an inept, harmful, in-over-his-head president…you know, like today?

In other words, fear not.  At least, not yet!  🙂  I’m not gonna go all Chip Diller on you, but I am going to say that I don’t think we’re in bad shape yet.  We have to wait for the missteps from Romney (or Santorum) when people are paying attention, not right now.

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Obama’s Energy secretary: Nope, I have no desire to lower gas prices

I don’t want to ever hear a liberal lament gas prices.  When Uhhhhh-bama was running in 2008, he said he’d be totally cool with higher gas prices.  So when a liberal complains about the cost of fuel, I’d simply remind them that B.O. is only sad that gas is at $4 and not higher.

Anywho, his environut Energy Secretary said he didn’t care about high gas prices.  Of course, considering this is the same tool who said he wanted Europe’s ludicrous gas prices here, this should come as no surprise:

High gasoline prices will make research into such alternatives more urgent, Chu said.

“But is the overall goal to get our price” of gasoline down, asked Nunnelee.

“No, the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil, to build and strengthen our economy,” Chu replied. “We think that if you consider all these energy policies, including energy efficiency, we think that we can go a long way to becoming less dependent on oil and [diversifying] our supply and we’ll help the American economy and the American consumers.”

There you go.  Just keep them tires inflated and get tune-ups, people.

Newt blasted Chu and had some career advice:

“President Obama must announce today in his Nashua address that he is firing Secretary Chu and replacing him with a pro-American-energy appointment,” said a statement from Gingrich, who cited a POLITICO story about Chu’s appearance before a House Appropriations subcommittee.

“If he doesn’t, then the American people will know the president is still committed to his radical ideology, which wants to artificially raise the cost of energy,” Gingrich added.

“Yesterday [Obama’s] secretary of anti-energy Dr. Chu literally testified in Congress that he did not favor lowering the price of gasoline, that they had no alternative policy to lower the price of gasoline and that his goal was to get us on to other things,” Gingrich said.

“Dr. Chu is apparently a brilliant scientist,” the Republican presidential hopeful said. “I’m for allowing him to go back to science as rapidly as possible. In fact I suspect the American people would chip in to buy the airplane ticket later on today.”

Oh, here’s a kneeslapper: Chu said he’s been a pretty awesome steward of our money, giving himself a good solid A-.  Yeah…an A-minus:

CBS News counted 12 clean energy companies that are having trouble after collectively being approved for more than $6.5 billion in federal assistance. Five have filed for bankruptcy: The junk bond-rated Beacon, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, AES’ subsidiary Eastern Energy and Solyndra.

Throw in the Keystone Pipeline decision, and it’s clear that this administration is lethally hostile to American energy production.

Here’s the thing: These morons think that if gas gets too expensive, people will demand alternative energy.  But here’s the thing: we HAVE been demanding alternative energy, since the Carter years (which seem to have apparently returned).  But until alternative energy is mass available, fills our energy needs in the same or better ways as fossil fuels, and doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg, it is NOT going to happen!  Driving up the cost of energy by refusing to increase domestic oil production is like refusing to get a job (boy, liberals can relate to that, huh?) because you’re waiting to win the lottery: stop wasting your time, because it isn’t going to friggin’ happen!

Please.  For the love of God and all that is holy.  Get his economic illiterate Marxist ideologue the hell out of our House come November.

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RIP Andrew Breitbart

Dude…I’m friggin’ stunned.  Not often I can be rendered speechless.

Gone at age 43.

Lefties, please contain your sick selves.  If you look back when Ted Kennedy died, I didn’t exactly urinate on his grave.  Please behave like grown-ups, if you’re capable of it.

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