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Confirmed: Franken stole MN Senate race, thanks to felons voting illegally

Just as certain as death and taxes, you can count on Democrats to lie, cheat, and steal close elections…and the GOP never seems to have the ammo to stop them.

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Weekend roundup

I’ve obviously been out of the loop the last several days, but I’ve had a little time to get caught up today.  To recap:

Snitch Central has been closed down.  Who knew that America would resent Chicago-style Orwellian thuggery?

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) with the quote of the day: “It appears that President Obama is making great progress on climate change, he is changing the political climate in the country back to Republican”  😆

Canuck doctors: Hey, you know what?  Our universal health care system sucks!

Alleged “Blue Dog” Eric Massa (D-NY) comes out of the closet as a proponent of single-payer socialized medicine, and he says he doesn’t care if he gets tossed out of office in his Republican-heavy district for it.  Takeaway quote: “I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful.”  Translation: I am Pelosi’s lapdog before I am an advocate for my constituents.

Obama says now that a “public option” isn’t necessary for health care reform.  Question: trial balloon or white flag?  I’m leaning towards the former.  Anywho, Peloco says the “public option” is staying in the House bill, while Kent Conrad (D-ND) says it doesn’t matter if it’s in the House bill because the “wasted effort” will never be in the Senate bill.

When he’s not busy trashing our soldiers as Stalins or Pol Pots, Dick Durbin the Turban likes to spend his time refusing to meet with constituents (which he described as “not productive”) while instead meeting with health care lobbyists (which he described as very productive).

After stealing the MN Senate seat from the real winner Norm Coleman, MN moonbat Al Franken discovers that doggone it, people don’t like him.

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Franken’s plan to have Reid install him now toast?

If you’ve been following the MN Senate race, you know that Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) was certified the winner of the election over the batshiite crazy moonbat Al Franken by a couple of hundred votes.  The recount is about 92% done, and Coleman’s lead has been steady, now hovering around 300 or so.  That’s including an “oops, we missed a bag of heretofore undiscovered ballots the first time, so let’s count it now!” type of discovery that resulted in the Dems stealing the Washington state governor’s race in 2004.

In short, it looks as though Franken is going to lose the recount.

Will that make him concede the race?  Heck no!  He’s going to sue to get counted 12,000 absentee ballots that were lawfully rejected, hoping that he can convince a judge to change the election laws after the fact to apply retroactively.  If that doesn’t work, he’s going to ask the Democrat Senate to ignore the will of Minnesotans and to install him, not Coleman, into that Senate seat.  Before yesterday, Harry Reid showed an interest in doing that.  Today?  Not so much.  From ABC News blog:

…The fact that 60 is now off the table might sap enthusiasm and momentum for an extended legal battle for the would-be 59th Democratic seat — where Democrat Al Franken is locked in a recount with Republican Sen. Norm Coleman.

What’s the connection? First — it’s important to consider that recounts are fought in the legal realm as well as the public sphere. The possibility of Minnesota providing the magical Six-Oh to Democrats would have kept intense national attention on the race, and would have virtually guaranteed pressure from liberal activists to keep the fight alive to the end.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has hinted that he’s willing to have the Senate intervene, if Democrats maintain questions about the integrity of the vote.

But would Reid want to take such a politically explosive step if it wouldn’t even bring him 60 votes? Particularly when Republicans will control at least 41 votes in the new Senate — enough to filibuster any such move, and effectively kill it?

Some Republicans, at least, think not.

“Saxby’s re-election ends the 2008 Election for all intents and purposes,” Republican strategist Vin Weber, a former House member from Minnesota, e-mails The Note. “By Friday, with Norm Coleman having won the Minnesota recount, the enthusiasm for overturning the results of an election will deflate rapidly. The Franken Campaign’s hopes that Minnesota would be the ‘60th’ seat are no longer relevant, and I suspect that moderate Democratic voices in the Senate will begin pouring cold water on the Franken-Reid effort to drag this matter onto the floor of the United State’s Senate.” …

Chambliss’ win guarantees that the left will not have a filibuster-proof majority.  There may be a lot of RINOs in the Senate (such as McCain, Voinovich, Specter, Snowe, and Collins), but one thing will always hold party loyalty together, and that is Senate representation.  If the Dems try to install Franken into a seat he didn’t win, the GOP will filibuster any attempt to do so.  Reid may be an idiot, but he’s not that much of an idiot.  He will pick his battles more carefully, since there really is no strategic difference between 58 and 59 liberal Senators.

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Franken: People who voted for me are stupid

I didn’t think I’d ever agree with Al Franken on anything, but this just may be a first.  Observe:

Even the observers and lawyers have been instructed by their respective campaigns to not talk to the media. But Minneapolis lawyer Bill Starr, who is volunteering for the Franken campaign, was willing to say a few words. He said he thinks Franken will prevail. His hunch is based on a theory he has.

“People who voted for Coleman are more likely to have taken the SAT in their lifetime,” he said. “They’ve filled in circles. Franken voters are probably not college-educated. They’re new voters and immigrants. They’ve been brought in by groups like ACORN (dude, did you REALLY want to invoke the name of ACORN to prove YOUR point? – Ed.), from the inner cities. They’re more likely to make mistakes. I’ve bounced this off of minority people, and they agree with me.”  (Which “minority people” agreed with you that they were too stupid to fill out a ballot, Starr? – Ed.)

By the way, as Franken attempts to steal an election he lost outright, he has been piously calling for “every vote to be counted”.  Mighty big of him, huh?  Apparently, “count every vote” means “don’t count this one“:


Yeah, I could see where someone would think that the big mark beside Coleman’s name isn’t really a vote for Coleman.  For those of you on the left, that was sarcasm.  As Franken has been suing to get the contact information of voters whose absentee ballots were legitimately disqualified, he is trying to “count every vote” by omitting the one above which is clearly a vote for his opponent.  Nice.

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Dems trying to steal Senate seat in MN

Dems and vote fraud…go figure.

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Shameless Franken attack ad totally whiffs

A swing…and a miss.  Allah has the details and the video clips, but in a nutshell, this new attack ad in MN has a couple who lost their son in Iraq wanting to know why Norm Coleman sent their son off to die?

Does it even matter to these sickos (who, by the way, supposedly don’t like to use the dead as political props) that the authorization for war in Iraq was passed in 2002…before Norm Coleman entered the friggin’ Senate?  Does it even matter to these shameless liberals that Chuck the Schmuck Schumer, who helped fund and assemble this ad, did vote for the authorization for war?

Coleman has quite the retort himself, though.  Keep up the pressure, Norm.

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Al Franken event draws…ONE visitor!

Heh.  From MN:

There’s an old saying in politics that elections are won or lost one vote at a time.

On Friday, DFL-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken demonstrated how true that saying can be, when a roundtable on veterans issues at Brigitte’s Cafe his campaign scheduled drew only one participant. …

Well, at least the crowd equaled the total number of listeners of his Air America radio show.

With a barking moonbat like Franken trailing Coleman in a blue state by 15%, stories like this don’t surprise me.

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“Franken’s old Playboy article concerns Democrats”

Boy, those Dems sure have their priorities straight, don’t they?  Alleged comedian Al Franken, running for the MN Senate seat currently held by Norm Coleman, has a great deal of baggage that doesn’t seem to cause concern for his party: looting funds from a non-profit organization that serves poor inner-city youths and Alzheimer’s patients; forgery; physically assaulting those with whom he disagrees; joking about taking pleasure in seeing a gay man killed; avoiding paying for his employees’ workers comp insurance; tax evasion; and a plethora of other issues.

But a satirical article in Playboy?  Now THAT sends a chill down the Dems’ collective spines!

Exit question:  Someone actually read an article in Playboy?  I can’t seem to get past the pictures!

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Puff piece on Al "Lootin’ for Air America" Franken

Thanks to a colleague who passed this on to me. From a San Franistan online fishwrap, the column is entitled “Is Al Franken Worthy to Take Wellstone’s Seat”…despite the pesky little fact that the seat belongs to Coleman and not Wellstone:

Yesterday, comedian Al Franken made it official that he will run in 2008 against Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman. There is no Republican who I want to see defeated more than Norm Coleman – who challenged the late Senator Paul Wellstone in 2002, and only won after Wellstone tragically died in a plane crash.

Coleman, who had been losing to Wellstone in the polls, would have likely lost to Mondale (Wellstone’s Democrat replacement) had it not been for the sickening pep rally that occurred at Wellstone’s funeral. Continuing:

Paul was the most outspoken progressive in the U.S. Senate, an incredible grass-roots organizer and a relentless critic of the Bush Administration. Norm Coleman is a cynical opportunist who switched parties from Democrat to Republican out of expediency – a “hollow man”, said Garrison Keillor, who “sold his soul for a Senate seat.”

As opposed to former “Republican” Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords, whose defection from the GOP in 2001 tilted the Senate from Republican control to Democrat control? Jeffords received his 30 pieces of silver in the form of a Senate committee chairmanship from the new Dem leadership he brought to power. Yet somehow, the left saw Jeffords as a man of “principle”, while Coleman is merely an “opportunist”! In other words, leaving the GOP is “courageous” but leaving the Democrats is “calculating”. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.


It was infuriating to see so many Democrats apologize for the Memorial Service, as it drove the media narrative that Wellstone supporters were “out-of-line.” But in his book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, Al Franken wrote the most eloquent and powerful chapter I have ever read about what transpired. In 29 pages, Franken shared the anger and outrage that so many of us felt about how we were never really given the chance to properly mourn Paul’s death.

You were given the chance to mourn Wellstone’s death. It was at an event known by normal Americans as a “funeral”, yet because you squandered the chance that you purport to have never received, it’s the right’s fault? Good grief, you people are myopic! Continuing:

Despite rhetoric that would make him a “liberal” Democrat, along with his hilarious jabs at Republicans that keep us amused, it is clear that Al Franken is no Wellstone when it comes to the issues.

Such “jabs” include bodyslamming hecklers of Howard Dean and insulting the troops in front of then-Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. Yes sir, I bet the left is amused by such displays of statesmanship they think would go well in the Senate.

Where I agree with the author is that Franken is no Wellstone. See, aside from not wanting to physically assault someone, Wellstone also wouldn’t have been associated with an organization that looted from inner city kids and Alzheimer’s patients. Finally, Wellstone seemed to have compassion for gay people, never “joking” about taking pleasure in seeing a gay man killed (won’t see THAT “botched joke” in the MSM, will ya? Maybe Al and Fred Phelps can go gaybashing together?).

You really want this to be your Senator, Minnesota?

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