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GM business savvy about what you’d expect from Government Motors

The Chevy Volt is selling like hotcakes!  OK, more like those little silver dollar pancakes the kiddies can handle.  From The Weekly Standard:

The July sales numbers are out and the Chevy Volt continues to electrify (get it?) the country. GM sold … 125 Volts last month!

Really?  A whole 125?  No comma needed to report the number sold?  Continuing:

Way back in March I made fun of the Volt for selling 281 units in February. Turns out, February was a good month. But wait, there’s more! GM says they’re going to increase production to 5,000 Volts per month in order to keep up with demand. You see, they claim that the reason the Volt isn’t selling is that they can’t keep enough cars on the lot. A GM spokeswoman recently claimed that they are “virtually sold out.”

Oh, I see.  They’ve only sold about 3,000 (the comma is optional) Volts total, which means they must ramp that up to…5,000 Volts…per month!

Well, at least they are “virtually sold out”…or not.

Which is virtually true. Mark Modicacalled around his local Chevy dealers and found plenty of Volts waiting for an environmentally conscious driver to bring them home.

All told, GM has sold close to 2,700 Volts. (Funny aside: There’s a Volt in my neighborhood and a Volt that parks in my garage at work. So I see almost 0.1 percent of all the Volts in America on a daily basis.) But hey, the EV future is just around the corner.

Government Motors.  Nuff said.

August 3, 2011 - Posted by | big government, economic ignorance, environuts

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  1. Just like anything else the gummint does, it doesn’t work worth a crap. Now with the EPA regulations looming on the horizon, making electricity more expensive for everybody, these jokes should really sell well. Let’s see now, he forces GM to build electric cars which are junk(nothing new there from GM), regulates the coal and oil industry out of business(all in the name of a known hoax), which makes it impossible to travel for any reason unless you are of the wealthy elite(who can afford the electricity to charge the useless electric cars), which takes the economy further down the hole the politicians have dug and continue to dig. All good. For the rulers in the Kenyan’s favor. Wow, a return to the feudal system we all missed for so long. NOT.
    This Ovomit administration is really after destroying this country. His “rage” is really taking a more serious turn on the people of this country. I still maintain that he is not truly an American, and the demonrats know it. Check out the number of times since 2003 they have tried to change the definition of qualifications for someone to be president. Google it, or whatever, it’s interesting. His presidency has been in the pipeline for a long time.
    Stupid liberals are gonna get what they deserve in the end. Ain’t nobody gonna be happy when it starts.

    Comment by J. Guidry, Battlefield, MO. | August 4, 2011

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